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250,000 square feet of wow

11 Nov 2009


In October 2007, while preparing for that other D.C. visit, I wrote in an email: The Newseum doesn’t open until April! Bummed I can’t see it. I’ll have to go back…

Go back I did, and finally, I’ve seen the Newseum. Here is my live, in-person, eye-witness report: It is every bit as superlative as I had heard. Appelbaum did an amazing job on this project. I spent hours and hours and hours there. It’s huge! And so much of the content is fascinating.

What riveted me most, of course, were the graphics. They’re gorgeous. I loved the inset painted titles, and that rich, rich black they used. Reversed text? Yes, please! Looks good.

The graphics throughout the museum were clean and modern (excluding some temporary exhibits, which had themed but still lovely aesthetics). The mood was sometimes somber, sometimes light (I love the treatment for “Who Controls the News?”)—but either way, done just right.

There were a number of timelines in the Newseum, and I liked how artifact cases were integrated into them in a way that didn’t make them feel cluttered or overwhelming. I’m always on the lookout for a good-looking timeline, for inspiration, because having to design timelines regularly is nearly unavoidable in this field. If you see one that’s done well please share it with me.

And now, on to the photographs:










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