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Seen Around: Flowers on the fence

16 Nov 2009


I took this photo, of thin metal flowers nailed to a corrugated metal fence, last summer on Front Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Despite some epic web-searching, I couldn’t find even the tiniest snippet of info about the artist responsible but I have decided that it must have been part of the New York Urban Art Project. I’ll update you if I ever hear back from the DOT—because yes, I did email them for an answer.

I like industrial galvanized steel (that’d be the fence), and the dull, flaky, crystallized look of its finish. Unfortunately I can’t say for certain what material the flowers were made from—steel, tin, aluminum?—or how they were cut—laser-cut, acid-etched, really good pair of shears?—but they’re awfully pretty.


Update, 3 March 2010: I did hear back from the New York City Department of Transportation, but alas, only to be informed that this artwork was installed before the launch of the NYCDOT Urban Arts program and that they couldn’t tell me the name of the artist responsible. If anyone knows further information, I’d be curious to hear about it.


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    18 Jan 2017 8:11 pm

    About those metal flowers on front st in Dumbo…..2006…..aluminum…..very large, good and sharp fabric shears adjusted to thin aluminum cutting….not nailed, but glued, one of 13 or 14 pieces 2006-2007 when the ladder to set things high up was stolen. Done anonymously. Was great fun. I think 7 pieces (or remnants) are still up in Brooklyn. Originally planned to be 30 pieces but at the time I couldn’t afford another ladder and no longer had storage space.

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