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U.S. National Design Policy Summit 09

01 Dec 2009

The U.S. National Design Policy Summit 09 is happening right now, live.

The Initiative’s Mission Statement:

Design is the world remade in human form.

The U.S. National Design Policy Initiative advocates for a governmental plan of action to support design in service of U.S. economic competitiveness and democratic governance.

The U.S. design communities seek to enable through a U.S. national design policy:

• design promotion to boost the demand for American goods and services,
• innovation policy to protect American intellectual property and support the People’s entrepreneurial spirit,
• design standards to guarantee inclusion, sustainability, safety, and quality in the experiences of the human remade world; and
• policy as designed to address design’s role in making American democratic values tangible to the People.

In a letter supporting the opening of the Fourth Federal Design Assembly in 1978, President Carter wrote:
Good design can help us meet our commitment to improve the efficiency of government…and reaffirm our concern for the human side of government.

Design policy enables good design.


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