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Vinyl Blunder

20 Dec 2009

Museum of Sex, NY
Remember when I gave you a few reasons why I hate vinyl? Remember one of those reasons being that vinyl letters get picked at, and then they look really bad? Forget looking bad, this is unreadable. I rest my case.

The follow-up “Why I hate vinyl” posts will appear sometime post-holiday, along with, perhaps, a full post about the Museum of Sex. I also have up my sleeve a post about the exhibition “Lincoln and New York,” currently at the New-York Historical Society, and one about Mathematica, at the Museum of Science, Boston, and more! What I’m saying is, although posting was sparse last week, and will be sparse this week as well—it’s the holiday season after all—stay tuned! Have you considered subscribing? There on the right, under “follow”—go on, don’t be shy.


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  1. 22 Dec 2009 9:14 pm

    i subscribed! ;)

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