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Exhibit in a brewery

26 Dec 2009

My parents’ home in Vermont is not far from the Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater, and somehow I’d managed to not once stop in for a visit until today.

The self-guided brewery “tour” consists of little more than four rails along the sides of a catwalk above the factory floor. The rails are moderately interesting in their descriptions of Long Trail’s brewing process, types of beer, and design of the factory layout, but only slightly interesting from a graphics’ standpoint. The one saving grace for the rails are the diagrams. I enjoyed the illustration of the workers pouring hops into the brewing vats and bottle caps into the…capper vats.

And at least they make the effort in having a little exhibit, right?

But wait! The best part of the brewery is their collection of cool old beer cans.
I really wanted to show you some cool old beer cans:


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  1. kenT permalink
    27 Dec 2009 1:22 pm

    And, true to form, the little worker dudes had beards!

  2. 28 Dec 2009 5:11 pm

    i want that xmas brew!

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