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The News* 02.09.10

09 Feb 2010

*According to The Exhibit Designer
A compilation of exhibit design-related web finds

Pretty please!
+ “…The abandoned Tremont Street Subway tunnel, which runs underneath Boston Common…becomes a network of underground cultural venues, including a theater, a cinema, art galleries, and a ‘media-infused trolley museum.'” From the winning proposal for the SHIFTboston Ideas Competition.

Thoughts on exhibits
+ How Different Types of Museums Approach Participation, from Museum 2.0.
+ Aquarium Design: Top 10 Trends, from object|IDEA.

Neat and interesting
+ Easy=True The hot new psych theory? It makes a lot of sense.
+ If you haven’t given much thought to your museum admissions tag, Tag, You’re It!

Useful things
+ ExhibitFiles has launched a new “Bits” feature. /via Ideum

+ The A Parallel Image light installation at Transmediale, the festival for art and digital culture in Berlin, looks pretty fantastic. It’s “an electronic camera obscura…media-archaeological, interactive sculpture.” Your guess as to what that means is probably better than mine…
+ “We’ve become blind from so much seeing. Time to press up against things, squeeze around, crawl over.” The 1971 Tate exhibit, Neo Classic.

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  1. Ken permalink
    10 Feb 2010 10:17 am

    cool idea for the Tremont tunnel… what about the boarded up entrance near hynes??? must be some cool they can do with that.

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