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Welcome to Hogwarts, blech

21 Feb 2010

This week is your last chance to see Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Boston—but I’m suggesting that you skip it. (Unless you’re a devoted Potter fanboy/girl, in which case you should go right ahead if you haven’t already seen it, although I bet you have, and you probably loved it. Please don’t even bother writing hateful comments below.) I was expecting more of the “up close and personal look at the artistry and craftsmanship” promised by the exhibit description, thinking there might be neat information about how the movie props were made or what went into the creation of the movies, but instead there was a lot of “this is Harry’s school uniform” and “these are Harry’s pajamas.” Gimme a break: these are props used in a movie about fictional characters, they are not artifacts. There was no educational value at all in this exhibit. It was very slick, very big-budget, and very overblown theatrics, complete with smoke machines and docents with fake British accents. Also, there was a devoted gift shop, most impressive in its barfery.

Harry Potter leaves the Museum of Science next Sunday, to continue its money-making tyranny of book/movie/exhibit/stuffed animal tie-ins in Toronto.

I’d like you to read this blog post about the exhibit as it more eloquently expresses my issues with the show than this here bit of ranty-ness.


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  1. Don permalink
    22 Feb 2010 9:57 am

    “Also, there was a devoted gift shop, most impressive in its barfery.”

    Good description!

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