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The News* 03.30.10

30 Mar 2010

*According to The Exhibit Designer
A compilation of exhibit design-related web finds

+ The Future is Collaborative from the Center for the Future of Museums…a call for libraries, archives, and museums to share resources.

+ The MoMA blog has chronicled the development of the museum’s newest exhibition, Rising Currents: Projects for New York’s Waterfront, since November. If you’ve been reading along, as I have, I imagine you are similarly excited that it’s now open. ArchDaily has a descriptive article about the projects on view.
+ Across the Atlantic? Yet another show about sustainability, Sustainable Futures, just opened at Design Museum London.

Hours of Entertainment
+ Once you start to explore the Museum of Online Museums just try to make yourself go to bed…

+ The Art Handling Olympics, “a combination roast, ‘Jackass’-style stunt extravaganza, and excuse to drink a lot.”

+ The Regent’s Place Pavilion in London looks beautiful in photos, but I wonder, is it as beautiful when walking amongst its columns?
+ I’m looking at these sliding shelves and thinking, hm…stick some artifacts in there, cover them with glass, add descriptive labels, and you’ve got yourself a nice display case. Or maybe I just see “museums” everywhere.


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