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The News* 06.22.10

23 Jun 2010

*According to The Exhibit Designer
A compilation of exhibit design-related web finds

With apologies; it has been awhile.

A museum to call your own
+ Sometimes it seems like there really is a museum for and about everything. Name a topic, and I bet you can find an obscure museum dedicated to it. So, what interests you…?
barbed wire?
architectural models?
shadow puppets?
Battlestar Galactica?

Natural history exhibits open(ing) this summer, in no way exhaustive:
+ Whales at the Museum of Science, Boston. (They offer a museum admission/whale watch ticket combo—heck yeah!)
+ The Deep at the Natural History Museum, London
+ Race to the End of the Earth, about Arctic explorers, at the American Museum of Natural History
+ The AMNH’s Climate Change exhibit moves to the Field Museum in Chicago
+ Age of Mammals, a “a postmodern diorama” that will “trace the history of evolution…within the context of…changes in the Earth’s geology and climate,” in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles’s newly restored 1912 building

+ And this photo of NMNH’s bird collection is just great.

School of
+ The “Typopassage” in Vienna, a “design micro-museum with and about lettering,” open 24 hours a day. (Curious; who’d be there at 4am?) /via and more info
+ MoMA asked their graphic design department for an identity for Shape Lab, an interactive educational space for families. The designers respond with this “multifunctional activity wall.” It’s so nice, who wouldn’t want to play there?
+ The British Museum and Wikipedia collaborate on articles related to the museum’s collection


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