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Whales (Part II)

12 Aug 2010

Whales | Tohorā is at the Museum of Science, Boston. It’s about whales.

Just like at the Bar Harbor Whale Museum [Whales (Part I)], you will learn the most fascinating facts about whales; facts like: the first whales walked on land! and: Baleen whales have two blowholes! Toothed whales have only one!

Unlike at the Bar Harbor Whale Museum, Whales | Tohorā is a slick exhibit developed by the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Really, it’s all about budget.

The black, reflective platforms, slightly angled, below the whale skeletons are a dramatic centerpiece to the exhibit. I found myself returning to this display numerous times to again look at the skeletons. The same technique was used for some of the smaller skeletons too—like that of the walking whale (below, right). Also below: rear lit reader rails. It’s a fine line with rear lit graphics. Too bright and they look tacky. A soft glow is easier on the eyes.

The skeletal structure of this timeline/artifact case wall reminded me ever-so-slightly of the Design for a Living World exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt.

The whale skulls cases are beautiful. Everything looks substantial and high quality. I like this straightforward presentation style when showing multiples. Keep the design minimal and the text to a minimum. (Words to live by.)

Through September 14.


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