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Field Trip Day!

30 Sep 2010

Last week a few of my CCA colleagues and I took a day to visit some local museums in Cambridge. Nothing I haven’t already covered here on TED, unfortunately, but it’s always nice to see old friends.

First stop: the Harvard Museum of Natural History/Peabody Museum. They did have a new, small but interesting exhibit, “Headgear: The Natural History of Horns and Antlers” (left and center, below) and they seem to be continuing the renovation work begun in the Great Mammal Hall. I peeked behind a drawn curtain to see what the deal was, but was stopped by this guy on the right:

I’ve written in the past about the HMNH, and have posted photos on the tumblr, but I can’t resist a few more here. Slowly but surely the museums seems to be getting cleaner and brighter.

We then made our way over to the Harvard Art Museums, currently housed in the Sackler Museum, and previously seen on TED, here.

We ended the day at the MIT Museum where, because of our tired feet and the heat of the day, we plunked down on a bench and became entirely engrossed in a video of Alan Alda swimming with a robotic tuna.

(No really, I’m not kidding about the tuna. The video’s from the episode “Natural Born Robots” of the PBS show Scientific American Frontiers.) Previous MIT Museum coverage here and here.


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