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The News* 02.17.11

17 Feb 2011

*According to The Exhibit Designer
A compilation of exhibit design-related web finds

Restoring and Recreating
+ Renovating the Barnum Museum in CT after it was hit by a tornado
+ The winner of the PaleoArt Prize in 3D art for “achievement in…depicting or sculpting paleontological subjects and fossils”
+ China asks the Penn Museum to return all artifacts from its Silk Road exhibition.

Architecture and such
+ On scalies.
+ The just-announced winners of this year’s MoMA P.S. 1 Young Architects program asked local businesses and nonprofits what materials they needed, then designed the courtyard space to use them. In the fall they’ll donate said materials to said businesses.

Visiting exhibitions vicariously through the internets
+ Tattooed arms in Paris
+ Dismembered dandies in Sweden

Visiting exhibitions for real
+ South African printmaking at BU’s 808 Gallery

Or at least planning to (Boston)…
+ Edward Gorey at the Boston Athenæum
+ Tangible Things at Harvard
+ Also, the Planetarium—it’s open!

Or at least planning to (NY)…
+ The Museum of Arts and Design’s new Center for Olfactory Art
+ The reopening of the American Museum of the Moving Image in January—the inaugural events continue


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