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Say Something: success

04 Mar 2011

I was honored to be involved with the Say Something Poster Project (mentioned previously, here), lending my exhibit design services to Saturday’s Poster Show.

This was a case of less being much more. Initially I started with grand ideas to incorporate elements from the website branding into the three-dimensional exhibit space, but gradually the exhibit was whittled down to its essence, to give the 25 poster finalists all the attention—and to make the one-day installation manageable.

Below is Matt Budelman, designer of “Think Half Full,” one of the ten winning posters. He’s making a cameo to show the system I settled on—posters hanging on 1.25″ bulldog clips held to the wall with L pins, and labels mounted to black illustration board and attached top and bottom with L pins. Because I’m quite particular, you bet all the edges on those labels were hit with a deft stroke of gray marker.

Other things I helped with: “the poster show” script title on the back was drawn by illustrator Chris Piascik. I simply made it large and put it on the wall in contour-cut vinyl. Working with organizer Jason Stevens, I designed the ballots that guests used to vote for ten top posters out of the 25 finalists.

It was a great concept and a fantastic event—all to benefit The Home for Little Wanderers. Kudos to all the finalists and winners, the volunteers, and to Jason!

The super talented photographer Ben Gebo shot these photos from the event, and more.

Ben was also, incidentally, the photographer for the event I organized for Friday night, the AIGA BoNE Show’s “Meet the Judges” event. Check them out.


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  1. 04 Mar 2011 10:36 am

    Ben is incidentally the photographer for everything. :)

  2. 04 Mar 2011 11:07 am

    It was a lovely gallery show and great exhibit design! Thanks for the Kudos. Ben Gebo rocks too.

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