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The News 08.16.12

16 Aug 2012

Assorted exhibit design-related web finds:


The Google Web Lab at the Science Museum in London

Designing for Accessibility: MoMA’s Material Lab

Harvard Medical School’s “Training the Eye” course

SEGD is hosting a symposium, “The Art of Collaboration,” in Raleigh October 4–5

The last day to see the Terracotta Warriors in North America is August 26 at Times Square.

The National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia now offers free admission for their first floor gallery.

Why the Museum of Broken Relationships is so great (and it’s not just the name)

100 Toys that Define Our Childhood—vote for your favorites for a new exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Voting ends tomorrow, August 17.

Places that Work: U.S. Botanic Gardens

“Spiders Alive!’ at the American Museum of Natural History (NY Times review)

Are some fonts more believable than others?

How to explain why typography matters

Meanwhile, I’ve been pinning obsessively over on Pinterest:

Pinterest allows you to “pin” to “boards” anything that catches your fancy on the internet. My boards are mostly design-related, such as “exhibits,” “engagement,” “interiors,” “exteriors,” “materials,” etc. It’s basically a place to collect found inspiration. Fun.

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  1. 04 Sep 2012 3:53 am

    ha. cool. like you were giving me the lesson how to use pinterest…. the internet is slow here to visit US website but i got through… :p

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