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Lazy Love at the Biodôme

18 Sep 2015


I was in Montréal for just shy a week and spent a few hours at the Biodôme—so much fun! I have plenty to share of the rest of the museum, but to dip my toes back into blogging after (ahem) plenty of time away, here are some photos of the temporary exhibit/art installation, “Calme Aimant (Lazy Love).”


Within the low, glass-walled enclosure, sloths slept inside their cocoon-like nests, hanging from artistic interpretations of trees—the trees were wrapped in braids and painted in monochrome—while a couple of tortoises relatively raced around. Sheer white fabric panels hung from the ceiling, and waved slightly as people passed beneath them.


The exhibit invited guests to have a seat and enjoy a few moments of quiet contemplation. A quiet soundscape played from speakers hidden within the sofas—the speakers are the balls with red felt flowers—and fabric books told the sloths’ story.




“Lazy Love” was our last stop at the Biodôme, and it was a lovely, relaxing, quiet moment to end on. I’m sorry to report though that the exhibit closed last week, so à plus tard, sloths.


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