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Space for Life part 2: Insectarium

15 Mar 2017

(Also check out Space for Life part 1: Biodôme.)

The Insectarium was our second stop in Montréal’s natural museum complex [called Espace Pour La Vie (“Space for Life”)]. It’s a fascinating, excellently-designed museum. (And doesn’t its exterior look vaguely like a home for insects, almost like a bee hive?)


The permanent exhibition is called We Are the Insects and it is predominately…green. Graphics are a mix of strikingly clean layouts and comic book-inspired illustrations.


The view down to the bulk of the exhibition:


Each of the glowing cubes you see is a display case. Specimens are pinned to a rear-lit graphic, around text and images arranged in a clean, grid-driven design. Each layout looked nicer than the last, so I’m going to share photos of many.


Some layouts revealed a sense of humor, like this one with its ants on march.


Accent color and a stylized illustration indicated the habitat of the grouping of insect specimens on display.



Throughout the exhibition there were terrariums, and beneath some display cubes there were dioramas (faux terrariums, if you will).



There were also wall displays, and plenty of interesting charts and diagrams, done as both straight-graphics and as a mix of graphics and specimens, like the family tree below.


There were sections about insect lifestyles, diets, reproduction, and what people can do to protect endangered insects. The sheer number of these displays could have made for a repetitive slog , but it did not feel that way at all—specimens were fascinating, text was succinct, and the layouts were visually varied while staying true to the design system.




Outside were additional exhibitions and a temporary interactive art installation, and then it was off to explore the Botanical Garden.


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  1. 05 Apr 2017 5:02 am

    The comic style really works with this. Really engaging and beautiful work

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