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Current work on view: The Utopian Projects and What Absence Is Made Of, at the Hirshhorn Museum

05 Jan 2018

The Markus Lüpertz exhibition I shared in my last post is no longer up at the Hirshhorn (it came and went so quickly!), but the museum has two other exhibitions currently on view for which I designed the graphics.

First, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: The Utopian Projects:


Working in collaboration with the museum’s design department, I designed the exhibition’s title wall, didactic graphics, and wall quotations.

The title wall graphic is printed on DreamScape’s Caviar self-adhesive wallcovering. I like the print quality of DreamScape‘s wallcoverings—I first spec’ed them for the FDR Library and Museum in upstate New York, and have used them a few times since.


The wallcovering was installed using butt seams. The installers (Blair, Inc. in Virginia, also the graphics fabricator) did a good job wrapping the wallcovering around the wall’s edge, a tricky detail that would have looked terrible if done poorly.


The graphic panels are digital prints wrapped on sign blank with a matte over-laminate. They’re hung on French cleats, simple but strong, and an easy way to hang nearly anything. Also on the panels’ backsides is MDF blocking that provides rigidity for the sign blank fronts. Here’s a photo I snapped during installation, of the panels’ backsides:




The Utopian Projects is on view through March 4. The Kabakovs’ work is fascinating—their models are so cool. Check it out if you can!

The other exhibition at the Hirshhorn, for which I designed the graphics, is What Absence Is Made Of, on view through Summer 2019. For this exhibition I designed the title wall, didactics, and an advertising poster for the National Mall.


The curator requested reflective vinyl. In addition to layout experiments, I also played with color combinations (silver on white? silver on black? on gray? which gray?). I love the way the selected title design looks in silver vinyl—it catches reflections and disappears/reappears as you walk by it.



If you’re interested, there are more photos of both exhibitions on my portfolio page.


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